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Russian export expands the network

After a two-fold drop in oil prices and the weakening of the ruble, Russian Federation reduced the share of oil and gas in total revenues to heal the damage, but still began to experience significant problems with the budget fulfillment. The export of Russian goods for the first six months of 2016 decreased by almost a third comparing with the previous period and became equal to 150.9 billion US dollars.

The new reality has put the country's authorities to the need of finding new sources of profit. This process, however, comes with a scratch. The optimistic forecasts promising export increase by 5-6% in 2016 are not likely to come ...


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China's stock market capitalization has increased almost 1,500%

Capitalization of all world markets in thirteen years increased by 2,3 times from 28 to 65 trillion. But it is the average indicator which isn't allowing to distinguish the existing tendencies in world economy. And these tendencies clearly demonstrate that epicenter of world economy gradually moves from the West to the east.